The Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network (WARN) is a coalition of non-governmental organizations that provide direct services to victims of human trafficking in Washington State. Since 2004, WARN has assisted survivors of modern day slavery on their path to restoration and recovery.

Who We Are – WARN is a coalition of the following organizations working together to serve victims of trafficking and increase victim identification: International Rescue Committee in Seattle, API Chaya (formerly known as Asian and Pacific Islander Women and Family Safety Center), YouthCare, and Northwest Justice Project Farm Worker Unit in Yakima.

Who We Serve – WARN serves all victims of human trafficking regardless of age, country of origin, legal status in the United States, or industry in which the trafficking occurred. WARN has served human trafficking survivors from every continent, male and female, children, adults and elderly survivors.

How We Serve – WARN provides linguistically and culturally appropriate services, taking a client-driven, trauma-informed approach to our work. WARN provides all clients with access to:

  • Intensive case management
  • Safe housing, food, and clothing
  • Immigration and legal assistance
  • Interpretation services
  • Criminal justice system/victim rights advocacy
  • Physical and mental health treatment
  • Education and job readiness training

All of the services that WARN provides are free and confidential.

Multidisciplinary Response –WARN collaborates with other service providers, law enforcement, and mobilization groups to increase victim identification, build community capacity to serve victims, and improve response to human trafficking in Washington State. WARN is a co-chair of the Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking, a multidisciplinary task force also led by the Seattle Police Department and the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington.

WARN’s Education and Training Program – WARN conducts training for service providers, law enforcement, stakeholders, and community groups across Washington State. Our curriculum focuses on human trafficking in Washington State and the experience of service providers in this area. WARN coordinates collaborative trainings with experienced law enforcement agents when appropriate.

Technical Assistance – WARN provides free and confidential technical assistance to service providers and community members who have encountered or are working with a potential victim of human trafficking.

To contact WARN, go to our Contact Us Page, or call 206-245-0782.