Take Action

How can you support anti-trafficking efforts in Washington State and the US?

Learn More About Local Efforts

Visit our Resource Pages to learn more about the multidisciplinary efforts taking place in Washington State to combat and respond to human trafficking.

New: WashACT Information Sessions!

WashACT (Washington Advisory Committee on Trafficking) is now hosting quarterly sessions to inform the community on anti-trafficking efforts in Western Washington and about how service providers, law enforcement, practitioners and mobilization groups collaborate to improve response to human trafficking. For more information, contact WARN or visit our Facebook page.


WARN is a coalition of organizations that provide direct service to victims of human trafficking in Washington State. Each of our partner agencies have volunteer programs where you may serve vulnerable communities in a variety of ways. For more information, contact WARN or contact our partner agencies directly.

Raise Awareness in your Community

Helping victims of human trafficking is as simple as talking to a friend. Talk to friends and neighbors about the existence of human trafficking in their neighborhoods or host an event and invite the community to discuss the exploitation of human beings. At WARN, we are eager to spread the word and are happy to share our experience and provide information about human trafficking and victim identification at any community event. For more information, contact us.

Stop Demand

Make more responsible consumer decisions. Go to SlaveryFootprint.org to learn more about where the products you buy come from and ask your favorite brands to make their supply chain slave-free at ChainStoreReaction.com.

Support Service Providers

Make a donation to WARN – your donation goes directly to support victims of human trafficking who have recently escaped their exploitative circumstances.

Survivors of human trafficking must often start life anew. In order to do so, those we serve are in need of basic items to secure their well-being. Please donate gift cards that will empower the victims and survivors served by WARN to prioritize these needs. Contact us for more information.

  • Food Cards to Safeway, Fred Meyer etc.
  • Gift Cards to Ross, Target, Visa, Wal-Mart etc.

Gift cards and/or check donations (made out to IRC/WARN) may be sent to: WARN, P.O. Box 4548, Seattle WA, 98194-0548